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Friday, February 8, 2013

My Personal Lean Management Scratchpad


As I am interested in Lean production, lean thinking and lean and agile software development and their application I collect links to pages about these topics and which are interesting for me on this page.

Lean in General

Lean Basics

Lean Production

Lean in Building Industry

Lean Product Development

Jeffrey Liker, James M. Morgan: The Toyota Way in Services: The Case of Lean Product Development
; article on lean in product development.

Lean in Business Administration

Illustrating Lean Principles

Just in Time (JIT)

Porsche JIT Game

In Womack & Jones' "Lean Thinking" is a reference to the "Porsche JIT game" aka as "Beer game" which can be used to illustrate how flow, pull and takt work together to minimize waste and the throughput time of a system. An description of this game can be found in the blog-post "The Beer Game as explained in Lean Thinking; How to promote flow"

Overview Pages

A lrage collection of Lean games can be found here.

Continuous Improvement (Kaizen)

General Process Improvement

  • a quite comprehensive site about process improvement and A3-Thinking (in German)

A3-Reports and Their Application

 Process Analysis Tools

Relation to other Management Branches