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Friday, February 27, 2015

Web Resources for Technical Drawings of the P-51D Mustang


Currently I am thinking about some fun project of mine: I want to create a 3D model of the famous WWII fighter plane P-51D Mustang. This plan is one of my favorites since decades and I was looking for web sites where I could get original plans / technical drawings of this plane.

What I found

The most productive site I found was the site


There one can find information about virtually any WWII plane, including drawings. The web pages are in Russian, but non-Russian speaking people can use the web folder structure

where the web pages together with zipped drawings are stored with latin letters file names. The quality of the resources one can find there is satisfactory for modelers with many detailed sketches of the outsides of the fuselage. Interior details might be there, but I didn't find any.

This web site offers a vast collection of links to other web resources. The P-51 page is linked by
Technical drawings are available at:

I found original factory drawings (seem to be copies from microfiche) of the P-51D uploaded by David G Terrell. These drawings are available on
and related pages. Some of the available downloads require paid membership at scribd, some not.

So having all that information at hand, I can start my project... Let's see