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Friday, February 6, 2015

Sharepoint Tips & Tricks: Uploading versions of documents with different filenames


This hint is based on experiences with Sharepoint 2013.
I tried to upload a new version of a file (PDF) from our team fileshare to our team Sharepoint (please don't ask why we have both....) On the team share, we store versions of a file by appending a date suffix to the file, to explore the versioning capabilities of sharepoint, I removed the date siffixes and I store the files under a common name as versions.


When trying to upload the new version from the file share, the following attempts failed to upload the suffixed version directly as version over the existing file:

  • Uploading / saving directly from Adobe Acrobat (via Web DAV) failed with "Acrobat cannot access server..."
  • Uploading the file via the Sharepoint upload-functionality works if I selected the suffixed file, but check-in under the name of the file on SP fails ("File already exists")


To get around this behavior I created local copies of the PDF with the same file name as the file on the server (without date suffix). This file can be uploaded via the SP-upload functionality on top of the existing file/version without any problems.