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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Updating the Epson Scanner Software


Recently, we bought an EPSON WorkForce DS-7500N network-scanner for our company. The installation of the device and the software coming with it went all fine. We started using the scanner and we were all very content with it.
The software package on CD coming with the scanner had the following version numbers:
  • EPSON Scan: unknown version
  • EPSON Scan PDF EXtensions: 1.3
  • EPSON Scan OCR Component: 1.3
  • Document Capture Pro: 1.0.9
  • Abbyy FineReader 9.0 Sprint: 9.00.631.58228

  • System Environment: Windows 7 - 64bit
Up to this point, the configuration ran without problems, then I was looking for updated version of the software.

Update Software Components

I found the following files on the German EPSON pages:
  • Document Capture Pro: (version 1.6.1)
  • Epson Scan: epson378390eu.exe (version unknown)
  • Abby FineReader 9.0 Sprint: 582_32_ABBYY_FineReader_Sprint_9.0.exe (version
I installed the updated versions (in a sequence I do not remember) and experienced the following symptoms and problems:
1)  One important feature for us is to create searchable PDF. In the corresponding output settings of Document Capture Pro the option to create searchable PDFs was enabled, but the selector for the document language was greyed out and "Japanese" was selected:
 2) When producing an output (via job or manual) Document Capture Pro did not start the OCR process but saved the PDF without searchable text.


With the help of the EPSON support I found the following solution to the problem above:
What was missing was an updated version of the EPSON Scan OCR Component, which was not (yet) available on the European Web pages of EPSON. On the American web pages ist is available at this link.
Furthermore, it is essential to deinstall the old software versions of Document Capture Pro and EPSON Scan (deinstallation of EPSON Scan OCR Component ist not requred), then re-boot the computer and to install the updated version in the following sequence:
1) EPSON Scan
2) Document Capture Pro
3) EPSON Scan OCR Component

After doing this, the software worked like expected again. The language option was available fpr selection again:

 and the scan produced searchable PDFs like expected too.

I hope this post helps you to solve your own scanne issue, all the best, your WolfiG